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Illinois Alumni for the Kingfisher

Alumni play an important part in the mascot conversation at UIUC, which is why it's vital for the Kingfisher to prove that it has a significant number of alumni supporters! The Illinois Alumni for the Kingfisher is an Alumni Organization that seeks to demonstrate just how many alumni are motivated to put their names and voices behind the Kingfisher. 

Increasing membership to the Illinois Alumni for the Kingfisher will prove to relevant University stakeholders that the Kingfisher mascot candidate should not be brushed to the side and forgotten. Instead, it sends a strong signal that University of Illinois alumni are ready to see our alma mater unify school spirit and create new traditions. 

Join Today!

Please click the link above to sign up. By joining the Illinois Alumni for the Kingfisher, you will have the unique opportunity to offer your input on how the Kingfisher can best pursue its goal of becoming the University of Illinois's mascot. Help give the Kingfisher more legitimacy and make her journey to becoming the UIUC's mascot that much faster!

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