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Meet our Team


We'd like to introduce you to the Illinois Alumni for the Kingfisher's elected Board of Directors! Each Board member serves a one year term and is responsible for the duties associated with their position. Additionally, one member is elected to Chair the Board of Directors. Are you interested in a Board position? Please consider running when elections are held! Are you interested in getting involved in another way? See how you can contribute here.


Director of

Alumni Outreach:


The Director of Alumni Outreach will be responsible for ensuring that the Kingfisher and the Illinois Alumni for the Kingfisher is reaching as many alumni as possible. We value all graduating classes and we want to make sure we are paying equal attention to Fighting Illini of all ages.


Director of

Internal Operations:


The Director of Internal Operations will be in charge of ensuring that member experience is the best that it can be. We want to make sure that joining the Illinois Alumni for the Kingfisher is a worthwhile experience and that members can become involved as much or as little as they prefer. 


Director of

Student Outreach:


The Director of Student Outreach will work hand-in-hand with the ISG Chair of the Kingfisher Task Force to ensure that the bridge between alumni and student needs is bridged. As all students are future alumni, we want to make sure that newly graduated classes know there is a home for them in the Illinois Alumni for the Kingfisher!


Director of



The Director of Finance is responsible for ensuring the complete financial transparency of the Illinois Alumni for the Kingfisher. This includes tracking donations, expenses, and being responsible for any purchases  required. 


Director of
Public Relations:
Spencer Wilken

The Director of Public Relations will work to enhance the Kingfisher's level of publicity in the media and among relevant organizations. Since 2020, Spencer has been reaching out to countless organizations and securing endorsements. She has worked with Native organizations, newspapers, and state representatives to advance the mascot, just to name a few.



Chair of ISG Kingfisher Task Force:

Dana Yun

The Illinois Student Government's Chair of the Kingfisher Task Force has an ex-officio seat on the Board of Directors in order to keep Alumni and Student efforts in lockstep. Dana Yun has served as Chair of the Kingfisher Task Force since Spring 2020 and has been instrumental in helping the UC-Senate endorse the Kingfisher's resolution. Aside from leading the student based Kingfisher efforts, Dana was also instrumental in making sure that students received CR/NC options in Fall 2020. 

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