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Mascots represent more than just their colleges; they also represent their communities! Here's how you can help the Kingfisher's cause. 

  • Follow + boost the Kingfisher on social media

  • Proudly wear your Kingfisher gear

  • If you are an alumni, join the Illinois Alumni for the Kingfisher

  • If you are a student, join the King's Guard or the King's Court

  • Educate others on the Kingfisher why having a mascot is important to school spirit and traditions.

  • Lend any of your talents or connections to the King's Guard:

    • Do you want to wear the costume?

    • Do you like photography or content creation?

    • Do you have a passion for graphic design or other arts?

    • Do you have any experience networking with government officials or prospective donors?

  • If yes to any of the above, we would love to hear from you! Please message us via social media or email.

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